My wife, Roxie and I had a fun experience of doing a photo shoot. We didn’t know what to expect because we had never done anything like this before. Our friend Alexa who is a teenager is starting a photography business and asked Roxie and I if we would be one of her first clients. So we set up the day, the time and the locations. Little did I know how much work modeling is.

We know Alexa Muntean through church and we are friends with her and her family. Her sister Hannah works part-time at the radio station with me. Alexa is fifteen years old and loves photography. One evening Roxie and I were at the Muntean’s for dinner and Alexa was showing us some of her pictures she had taken. They were beautiful and stunning. She really has a passion for photography. We were visiting after dinner and I had mentioned that Roxie and I hadn’t had a professional picture taken of us in many years. So Alexa asked if we would be interested in a photo shoot. That is how it started.

In the weeks leading up to the photo shoot, Roxie and I had many discussions as to what we were going to wear and Alexa said we could pick the location. It was easy for me to pick the location. The swimming pool park in Madison is where Roxie and I spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other. We were 15 years old and spent many hours sitting on the swings in the park just talking. We talked and talked about everything. So the park is special to us. The swing set is the old fashion kind with chains and a rubber seat. I thought it would be cool to have a picture of us on that swing set.

Swing set in the park

The day came and we met Alexa and her assistant, her sister Kate in the park on that fall afternoon. The wind was blowing a bit, so we were concerned about that, but Alexa thought it would be okay. Roxie wore her jean jacket and I love seeing her in a jean jacket! That is what we wore in the 1970’s. To be honest, Roxie picked out my shirt for me to wear. We had the place, the clothes, and the camera. I asked Alexa now what do we do?

Just be yourselves she said. She directed us to take a walk and hold hands and look at each other. So we walked around the park with Alexa snapping pictures as fast as she could. We made our way over to the swing set and Roxie sat down and I began to push her on the swing, just like we use to do when we were 15 years old. The shoot was going well and we were having a fun time. Alexa kept telling me to give Roxie a kiss, kiss her again and again and again. I hadn’t kissed her that much in years! We laughed when Alexa told us to look at each other and be serious. We couldn’t do that, we ended up laughing. We felt like we were teenagers again.

Alexa picked the next location in Madison and it was the softball fields. Behind a big hill, is a beautiful row of trees. I didn’t even know that existed, because you can’t see them from the road or alley. Once you walk behind the hill, there they are. It looked beautiful with the leaves turning color. We once again did our walk and holding hands. Alexa shouting instructions at us like she had been doing this forever. I brought my Minnesota Golden Gopher pull over to take a few pictures. I am a big Gopher fan.

The photo shoot ended and it really was fun. Alexa made us feel important and I felt like I was a model. I also fell more in love with my wife. Looking in her eyes, kissing her and holding her hand during the photo shoot I thought to myself, I don’t do this enough. I need to hold her more, kiss her more and look into her eyes like I am madly in love with her. I learned something about myself during the photo shoot.

Check out Alexa’s website and give her a call to do a photo shoot. She is really good at what she does. wwwalexaclairephotography.mypixieset.com She is also on Facebook and Instagram

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