My world in a covid-19 world

Sometimes I just stop what I am doing and gather my thoughts about what is happening around us during this Coronavirus Pandameic. Life seems surreal, it doesn’t seem real. I drive around my hometown of Madison and it’s so different. So quiet. School is closed, stores are closed, people are in their homes. This is what my new world looks like.

My work is labeled essential, so I am going to work everyday. We are constantly wiping down counters, desks, door knobs, etc. We have the best smelling Lysol and hand sanitizer at the radio station. We are doing our best to practice social distancing at work. Outside of constantly washing my hands and wiping things down, work is the only thing that seems normal to me, and I guess that is good.

I have had a number of Zoom board meetings. Which actually is pretty fun, I had done them before this pandemic started, but not nearly as often. I have done meetings with Lac qui Parle Valley, Calvary Baptist and Pioneer PBS. It is a way to communicate, but still not the same as being face to face

I so enjoy when my grandchildren want to video chat with me. I smile when I see their name on my phone wanting to video chat with grandpa. We started using a new app called House Party. This app allows you to see your grandchildren and play games with them at the same time, like Pictionary. We have had some good laughs. Still it hurts to not being able to be with them and give them a hug.

Roxie and I are doing our best to support our local businesses, restaurants are doing take out, because you can’t dine in. What hurts is that some of the small business owners are friends and you know they are struggling with business being down. I hope this doesn’t last very long, they maybe can hang on for a couple of months, but not more than that.

I have been home just about every night since this started, and that is really not normal for me. I am always gone to some high school sporting event, or church happening. This is what has been the biggest adjustment for me. I love my wife and we get along great, but being home every night is something I have been struggling with. I love broadcasting sporting events, but for now I can’t do that.


It was good to get out the other night and go down to the baseball field to watch the lights being turned on for a few minutes. It’s a trend sweeping America to let the seniors and kids know we are thinking of them. Check out the hashtag #BetheLightMN or #BetheLightMadison

Hopefully this COVID-19 can be over sooner than later if we all stay home for thirty days. If we don’t stay home, this will go on for a long time and we don’t want that. It is still hard to believe this is happening. How fast our world can change. Be safe, wash your hands and stay home.

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