What has taken place in my little town of Madison this past week and around the world would have been unimaginable just a few weeks ago. People’s lives have been altered because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has affected everyone’s life. It has been a stressful week with lots of anxiety for many people. However, some have found some good in a bad situation and have put a smile on my face this past week.

With school being closed, the Lac qui Parle Valley elementary teachers in Appleton and Madison made videos for their students to tell them how much they miss them. Lisa Johnson and Erin Balkin did a great job producing the video. I was surprised to see a few of my teacher friends break out some impressive dance moves (Molly, Curt, and Robin). I saw my wife riding a stick horse in a circus atmosphere in the Madison gym. Bart Hill, being the strong man and lifting 1000 lbs over his head. The videos have been viewed over a thousand times! This brought a smile to my face.

My son Josh and his son Zane decided since they were both not in school and housebound they would have some fun. They created a daily video called “Time of our Lives” documenting their daily living at home during the pandemic. It was very creative and fun to watch. We will look back on the videos in twenty years or so and remember what they did during this time in history. Their videos made me smile

Josh and Zane

At work, we have a radio program called Fashionista Fridays with Monica. Monica Bothun with Monica’s Apparel and Accessories in Dawson usually comes over to the studio to do the show, she brings some of her apparel with her to hang up in the studio to talk about. Monica always brings donuts or bakery rolls with her for Maynard and me. Because of the Corona-virus, she decided to stay home and do the show from her store over the phone. That would mean no bakery rolls for us. About an hour after the show Scott from Jubilee Foods walks in with a box of rolls from Monica! What a lady! That made me smile!

Another thing that made me smile this week was that John Millea of the Minnesota High School League thought enough of my blog “What is Happening?” last week to post it on his website. I blogged last week about my experience at the state girls’ basketball tournament and how difficult it was for everyone involved to have the tournament cancelled. John had contacted me to ask permission to post my blog on his John’s Journal. I was humbled and thankful for John and what he does for high school sports around the state. It was posted on Wednesday and that made me smile!

Good is happening all around us during this time of crisis. I think of all the families being together while being home-bound. I’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures on social media of families playing games at home, or eating dinner together, something that usually doesn’t happen in our normal routines. Local churches are doing great things. People are coming around small business owners and supporting them. There are so many things that have made me smile this week. Tell me some of your stories that have made you smile this week.

Tony Ourada State Farm Ad

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