We all live busy lives and mine was definitely busy this past week. Is it good to be so busy? I think yes if it’s something you are enjoying. I know some will disagree with me on being so busy, but I’m an extrovert and we extroverts thrive on being around people and doing things!

Do I ever get tired? Yes I do. I do my best to pace myself. People tell me all the time that being so busy isn’t healthy for you. I agree with that, but I know what my body and mind can handle. Since I had a heart pacemaker installed into my chest last May, my eyes were opened to how many things I was involved in. My doctor suggested that I cut back on a number of boards I was serving on and learn to relax more. I did what the doctor said and I believe it has been very beneficial for me to step back and slow down a bit.

My busyness includes not only my job at the radio station, but being involved with my church at Calvary Baptist. I love my church family and being with them. My family is very important to me and spending time with them isn’t what I would call being busy. It actually relaxes me to go to a grandkids basketball game, or out to eat with my family. My favorite board that I serve on is Pioneer PBS in Granite Falls and that does take some of my time, but I enjoy the people at Pioneer and I believe in the mission they have. I also serve on the Strengthening the Family board at LQPV and they are all about serving families in the school district. Helping kids and parents is what this group is about and I enjoy working with them.

I was very busy this past week covering section sports. This past week, I met a girl that is battling cancer, her name is Savannah Rausch. She plays basketball for the Lakeview Lakers and is the only senior on the team. What makes her story so incredible is that she is doing chemo and playing basketball at the same time, all the while keeping such a positive attitude. The smile on her face the other night when she got to play and scored points for her team and they won was amazing. Just to have the strength to do what she is doing is incredible. I appreciated that she took the time to come over and visit with me on the radio. What an amazing person!

Savannah Rausch

Saturday I was in Montevideo for the section boys basketball playoffs. All four games were incredible. I broadcasted three of them and those three games were so exciting that they all came down to the final seconds. The atmosphere in the Montevideo gym was so much fun. I started to lose my voice after the third game and when I got home I was completely exhausted. It truly was a busy Saturday, but so much fun. I love this time of year.

Sunday after church, I headed out to Lac qui Parle Valley High School for the Hawaiian Beach Party. It’s a family fun event. I set up our radio booth in the commons area and broadcasted live from 2 to 5 pm. What I enjoy about this event is watching the many families that come out to enjoy the many activities with their kids. Strengthening the Family sponsors the event. Mary Ann Anderson brings her therapy dog out and is a big hit, the kids love petting him and Hemi, that’s the dogs name is loving every minute of it.

I got home Sunday around 6:30 and needed to write my blog yet. I am so excited about the response my blog has gotten. Thank you for reading my blog. I have fallen in love with blogging. So now that my blog is written I can relax in my chair for a few hours and do nothing! I enjoy doing nothing as well. So being busy is a good thing for me. I like being busy it makes me happy.

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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