Serving up some outstanding snacks has become a tradition in many households on Super Bowl Sunday. Before, during and after the game the buffet of snacks can be amazing. Americans love their food!

Over the years I have been to many Super Bowl gatherings with friends and families. I have some favorite snacks I would like to write about. The best Super Bowl get together have been when a good number of people gather at someone’s house and everyone brings something different to eat. They might bring a main course or snacks to share. The more people there are the more variety of snacks.

I wrote about this a few weeks ago about being at the Sunwood Inn in Morris when the Vikings played the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl. The Sunwood had a huge indoor pool area and the place was packed. We had a poolside room and my friends and I went from room to room visiting with people and eating different people’s snacks. Each room, including ours, had many snacks in it. I remember the food that day.

My favorite Super Bowl snack is the cream cheese pickle wraps or ham and pickle wraps! Oh my, put a plate of those in front of me and they’re gone. I love pickles to begin with but wrap them in ham, cream cheese and a tortilla and I am in heaven. My daughter Brianna makes them often at family gatherings and she knows her way to her father’s heart. You eat one and you can’t stop.

It’s fun to look at people’s snacks on Facebook during Super Bowl Sunday. I want to crash their gathering and try that snack that is pictured! We went to a friend’s house a few years ago and someone brought a roaster of chicken wings! They were amazing and they had different barbecue sauces to try. There always seems to be a lot of different chips on the table. People are so creative in making different dips to dip your chips in. I love to try the different dips.

Roxie would always bring a Crock-Pot full of little weenies. They were always a big hit with everyone. Some friends bring chili. I usually dig into the plate of nachos, covered in lots of cheese. There always is different kinds of pizza on the snack table, pretzels and bars, along with caramel corn or just plain popcorn. The list can go on and on. I would like to hear about your favorite Super Bowl snacks.

Tuna burgers.

This year, my Super Bowl snack was simple. I popped a big bowl of popcorn and Roxie made tuna burgers. The drink of my choice on Sunday was Zero Gatorade. I was set and enjoyed watching the Super Bowl while having a snack!

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