One year ago I wrote a blog about Roxie and what she means to me. It was her birthday and I wanted to honor her. I remember the polar vortex weather we had this time last year and I remember well what my girl did. So here is a reblog about my girl!

Raymo's Ramblings

Last Saturday I wasn’t feeling the best, in fact I was sick. I did go to work and do the Coaches Show in the morning and then went home. The night beforewe received five inches of snow and I hadn’t snowblowed the driveway or sidewalks yet. When I got home from work Saturday morningmy lovely wife said that she would do the snow blowing. I told her I can do it and she said “You’re sick andlook like crap, you’re not blowing snow!” That ended that discussion!

So she bundles herselfup and heads out to face the minus 30 degree wind-chill. She has snowblowed a few times, but I don’t recall it ever being that cold before. As I watched her from the picture windowin the comfort of mywarm home, I was reminded just how lucky I am to have her. She does so much for me, and she does…

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