I spent Wednesday afternoon in the library at Dawson-Boyd High School. The 8th grade class was asking a panel of adults about the experiences they had in college and at their jobs. It was an opportunity to share with young people the vast wisdom that I have gained over the years. Things I have done right and things I have done wrong in my life. Good decisions and bad decisions. It is all about choices.

It was a fun afternoon of looking into the young peoples’ eyes and seeing the excitement of what the future holds for them. Every year about five adults are asked by the teachers of the 8th graders to come and answer some questions from the students about life lessons they have experienced. I thought it would be fun to blog about some of the questions I was asked and my answers. So here we go.

Teresa Schwegel, Jim Prestholdt, Steve Tufto, Janell Welling, Mary Ann Anderson were on a panel with me 

What college did you go to and what’s your degree? How much did it cost?

I attended Alexandria Technical and Community College from 1976-78. I have a two-year degree in Business Management and Sales. There was no tuition to attend Alexandria Tech at that time. The next year was the first year of tuition. The only thing I had to pay for was an apartment and food.

What is your best memory from college?

I have a couple. The Governor of Minnesota Wendell Anderson was at our school and I had the opportunity to have lunch with him and sit at his table and we visited for a long time. He was a pretty big deal at the time. Another memory was starting school in the fall with really long hair and a beard and ending the school in the spring clean shaven and looking like a real businessman. Also I got married and we lived on a lake in Alexandria.

What do you like about your job?

I could write a whole book answering that question. I don’t look at my job as a job. It is like going to a party every day for me. The best part of my job is meeting so many different people during the day. I never do the same thing every day, there’s always something different. I love broadcasting high school sports and getting to know the coaches, athletes, parents and grandparents. I do enjoy doing my homework before every game I broadcast. I also host a computer show, a fashion show, a library show and I do many interviews. I get to do many different things at the radio station. I upload all the programs during the week into the computer. I don’t punch a clock; I work until the jobs are done. I do enjoy sales and helping small business owners build their business. I get to meet a lot of people.

What don’t you like about your job?

When you are in sales, you have to be able to take rejection. Sales is hard. I have some good days and some difficult days. Sometimes some people can be difficult to deal with. But keep a smile on your face and move forward.

If you didn’t have your job what else would you like to do?

That was a good question and I don’t really know. I don’t have a face for television, but I would like to try broadcasting professional sports on TV.

What is your best advice you could give us?

Number one is find something you love to do and somewhere along the way someone will pay you to do it. If you love something it won’t seem like a job. Number two is do your best to stay out of debt. Debt kills! Use your money wisely. As far as college goes, I would look at a Community college or Technical school first and figure out what you would like to do, plus it is not that costly. Another bit of advice is to do a lot of networking, don’t close doors, meet as many people as you can and try new things. Finally, my dad always told me to treat people the way you would want to be treated. That is good advice, just to be kind to people.

Dawson-Boyd 8th graders

I wish sometimes that I was in high school again. I would want a do over on a few things. Sitting in front of the 8th graders is a great experience, it makes you think of your life and appreciate the people that have helped you along the way. I have had many people help me along the way. I think kids have it way harder than when I was a teenager and now it’s my turn to help someone. Oh to be young again!!


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