Turkey and Lobster

Let’s go back to Thursday when I was eating my Thanksgiving meal. I was filling up my plate and piling on the turkey and eager to get to the sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows on top. If that’s all there was I would be happy. The Thanksgiving meal is my favorite meal.

I enjoy watching Facebook on Thanksgiving Day. My friends and family posting food so I get to see what everyone else is eating. When I think of the Thanksgiving meal I think it should have turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potoatoes and buns. That is what my mom made growing up and Roxie has added a few food items to this list, such as ham, squash with apples and lefse.

Raymo/Tofte family

My daughter in law Kristine and son, Josh hosted Thanksgiving at their house in St. Cloud. Kristine has a passion for hosting and cooking. She’s very good at it. I laughed in the early morning hours Thursday while sitting on my couch having my morning coffee. Kristine had posted on Facebook a quote from her husband Josh. Josh was telling his son, Zane that mom is going over the top on hosting Thanksgiving and just do as she says and stay out of her way. Kristine did a lot of work and her kitchen smelled wonderful when we walked in the door at noon. She is really good at cooking and hosting.

The meal was amazing, my favorites were sweet potatoes with the melted marshmallows on top and of course turkey, the white meat, not dark, mashed potatoes and gravy, pickles, dinner buns and green bean casserole with the crunchy onion rings on top. Desserts included pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I also like blueberry and pecan pie. That is what my Thanksgiving meals have consisted of over the years. I would like to know what other people have on their tables for Thanksgiving.

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, just because it involves being with family and friends and food. We are really blessed to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. I heard a radio program on Focus on the Family this past week on the early Pilgrims and the trials and tribulations they endured just to get to America. The story about eating with the Natives was really interesting. They had wild turkey, but also lobster and oysters!! I would encourage you to listen to it. The Heroic Heart of the Pilgrims

I would like to hear from all of you about what you like about Thanksgiving and what food and drink is served at your house. Leave a comment here or on my social media sites.


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