Swift County Fair activities in Appleton, Threshing Show at Heritage Hill outside of Montevideo, and working at the radio station during a major storm! Plus I had a conversation with a talking pig! Just a typical Saturday for me. How did your Saturday go?

My Saturday was all planned out for me. My boss Maynard Meyer was out of town for the weekend with family, so it’s my responsibility to see that the radio station runs smoothly while he is away. I went to work around 8:00 Saturday morning and found out we hadn’t been receiving emails since Friday afternoon. It’s important for a radio station to be receiving their emails. So we figured out the problem and solved the issue. I then headed out for Heritage Hill outside of Montevideo. It’s their annual Threshing Show, actually the 39th annual Threshing Show. I was in for a surprise when I arrived.


I have never been to a Threshing Show before and didn’t really know what to expect. I was surprised to see what a huge event it was. So many different activities to take in. I did a number of broadcasts with people, like Chip Grube President of Heritage Hill. Chip and the board of directors do a great job organizing such a wonderful threshing show. They have a passion for what they are doing. My favorite part was when Dustin Johnson invited me to try his corn sheller. I don’t have a farm background so Dustin educated me in the purpose of a corn sheller. It’s quite a hobby he has. It was fun.


I then drove from Heritage Hill to Appleton. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the Ribfest. Ribfest at the Swift County fair just gets bigger and bigger every year. It’s a great event. So many people participate. My problem is I get to much barbeque sauce on my cell phone. I’m trying to work and eat at the same time and it doesn’t work out well for me. But all the ribs are so good. Taking a photo with friends each year at Ribfest has turned into a fun tradition. Pat, Dick and Dale look forward to our annual Ribfest picture. The entertainment for Ribfest was Sherwin Linton and his wife Pam. Sherwin said it was 50 years ago he played the Swift County fair for the first time.

PAT, DICK AND DALE RIBFEST 2016 2017 2018 2019

Q92 radio has a fair booth in the commercial building. I enjoy visiting with everyone that stops by. It’s interesting to hear people talk about what they like about KLQP. I also did a number of interviews from the booth. However I also enjoy visiting with the vendors next to me. We get to know each other well over the five days of the fair. Kristine across from me with Hens and Chicks, Jason with Edward Jones, Greg Schmidt with LQPV school district and Wes and Karen with WD Tours. Lots of fun and laughs with all these people.

My Saturday ended with a bang. I have been waiting to see the Marshall Tucker band since it was announced they were going to perform at the Swift County Fair. Unfortunately mother nature destroyed my plans. I had been watching the radar all afternoon and once a severe weather warning came out for Big Stone county I knew I had to leave the fairgrounds and get to the radio station. The drive from Appleton to Madison was not pleasant at all, heavy rain and severe lightning all around me. When I arrived at the studio the streets were flooded badly, scary weather for about an hour. In Appleton the sirens went off and people at the fairgrounds took shelter

So as you can see, my Saturday was very eventful. Oh did I mention I chatted with a talking pig at the fair? Elliana, who is a former Little Miss Appleton and I were visiting with a pig on a bike. The pig asked me what my favorite part of the fair was. I answered Ribfest. I thought it was funny, the pig not so much. Just a normal Saturday for me.



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