Early Sunday morning people began to gather in the St. Michael’s parking lot to participate in a 5K run/walk. Why? To remember and honor the memory of Steve Bly and his father Tom. A couple of years ago I blogged about my relationship I had with Steve as he ran cross country for LQPV/DB. He was special guy and one of a kind. Here is my blog from 2017


I just heard about another young man from our area that lost his life in a car accident last night, someone that I know and it breaks my heart. The hurt and pain comes back to me every time I hear of a tragedy like that. I had that same feeling back in November of 2002.

When the last Sunday in June comes around every year, it is a reminder for me to remember one heck of a kid, Steve Bly. I also get to spend the morning with the Bly family and their many friends that gather in the St. Michael’s parking lot to remember Steve and his father Tom with a 5K fun/run/walk.

Steve was just 16 years old when he was killed in a car accident just outside of Madison in 2002, his funeral was held in the MMN gymnasium, you couldn’t have gotten another person in the building. It was a devastating time for everyone that knew Steve. It was so sad.

So for the last 15 years, his family lead by his mother Theresa has put on a memorial 5K fun/run/walk. Theresa puts a lot of work into organizing the event along with others. It is held Sunday morning in the parking lot of St. Michaels church. Many people young and old, families, couples, and people with their pets show up to run/walk in memory of Steve.

Theresa Bly

Steve was a member of the LQPV/D/B cross country team and that was his passion. He loved cross country! His freshman year he was named LQPV athlete of the week and at the end of the season was voted rookie of the year! His sophomore year he made all conference and was voted MVP of the team. What I remember well about Steve was that he liked to be different, he didn’t like to do the normal things, all in a good way! It was fun to be around him.

I had just started covering cross country on the radio, not many radio stations cover the sport of cross country, if any do. But I feel those athletes work just as hard as the football or basketball players do and should be recognized. That’s why I cover cross country, dance, golf and tennis on the radio. I remember interviewing Steve a couple of times, he always had a big smile when talking to you. He was a good interview. Usually when interviewing high school kids, you don’t get much out of them, but not Steve, he would talk up a storm and that makes for great radio! His comments were always interesting and you never knew what he was going to say, he had a great sense of humor!

It was nice to see so many people show up early Sunday morning, it was beautiful weather and a great day to remember Steve. It’s also a special day for me, because I get to see Lynne and my nieces Megan, Marissa and Ali, whom I love and don’t get to see very often.

My niece Megan, Ali and Marissa

After the fun/run/walk Theresa and Steph, Steve’s mother and sister gives scholarships to graduating LQPV Seniors and Area Faith Community members. So far over $41,000 dollars have been given in Steve’s honor.

So every year family and friends, along with the LQPV/DB cross country team get together to remember this fine young man that was taken way to early from us. Miss ya Stevo!

Cindy and Gary Hansen


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