While walking to the Marshall softball complex Saturday morning I noticed that I was squinting my eyes because the sun was so bright! I haven’t done that in a while, so I went back to the parking lot to get my sunglasses. My wife had warned me to put on sun screen and I failed to do that. Sunday morning I noticed that my arms and hands were a little red and the back of my neck hurt. What did I learn from this? Always listen to your wife.

Marshall Softball Complex

Saturday was a full day of Section softball playoffs at the Marshall softball complex for me. Clouds did move in for most of the day and the sun would make an appearance now and then. It was actually cool out. The Marshall softball complex is fairly new and it is an amazing place. Four softball fields built around a concession stand and restrooms, which are located in the middle. My granddaughter Adelyn played there last summer and it was 100 degrees that day! It was my first time at the complex. There are no trees or a place to find some shade to protect you from the sun and heat. That was not a problem Saturday with the cool temperatures and light wind. However the softball games I covered on the radio were hot!

Dawson/Boyd Blackjacks

My first game in the morning was an elimination game with Murray County Central and Dawson/Boyd. It went extra innings with the Rebels ending the Blackjacks season by a score of 1 to 0 in 8 innings. It was a tough loss, Dawson/Boyd had some seniors that had played a lot of softball over the years for Coach Nevins. Most of them had started as freshman. Always sad to see a team’s season come to an end. I did not do a post-game show because the LQPV Eagles were playing next. I packed up the radio equipment and ran over to the field where I assumed the Eagles were already playing. When I arrived I noticed that Maccray and RTR were still playing and they were in the 12th inning tied 4 to 4! Crazy to go 12 innings in softball, but the Wolverines scored in the bottom of the 12th to win an exciting game 5 to 4 ending RTR’s season.

LQPV Captains meeting

Next up LQPV and Edgerton/Southwest MN Christian. The Dutchman had played in the state championship game last year, only to lose to New York Mills. They had most of their team back, including the pitcher. The game started with the Eagles pitcher Haley Wollshlager striking out the first 11 Dutchman batters she faced! I have never witnessed something like that before, it was amazing to watch. Haley striking out the side the first three innings. That means the batting order from 1 through 9 went down swinging! I was so excited, I was cheering her on to do that the whole game! But Gabby Buckridge connected for a solo home run in the 5th inning to give the Dutchman a one to nothing lead. That score stood with the Eagles falling 1 to 0. Great game to broadcast.


Game three for me was the Eagles and Rebels from Murray County Central. Another pitching dual between Wollshlager and the MCC pitcher Amanda Muecke. LQPV won 3 to 0. So the Eagles stay alive and will play Wabasso at 5pm Tuesday in another elimination game. Watching the Eagles softball team play is so much fun. Coach Janet Larsen does a great job with these girls. They are a talented bunch and they really have a lot of fun together. They have great senior leadership and some young girls that are very good. Can’t wait to broadcast their games Tuesday at the Marshall softball complex.


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