My wife has proclaimed herself to be my personal trainer. Exercise and I don’t get along very well. I never have enjoyed exercise. I turned 60 and my wife thinks that now is the time to get in shape! I got news for everyone. I like to eat and I despise exercising! There, I said it and I feel so much better!

My disdain for exercise started at a young age. I remember how I hated gym class in high school. I hated the mile run, the pull-ups, and the sit-ups! I liked the games though because they were competitive. Gym class scarred me for life! I won’t even mention showering as a seventh grader and how traumatic that was.

I was very active in sports in high school so I did get a lot of exercise. It was the conditioning part of high school sports I hated. I dreaded the beginning of football practice and wrestling practice. I hated the heat in August during football practice, the tough conditioning and all the running.  I can’t believe I survived all of that.

I admire people of all ages who are active, especially people my age who continue to run, swim, and workout. I would like to ask them if they really enjoy running or walking or going to the gym every day. I know exercise is good for you, but shouldn’t you be enjoying it? I think most people don’t.

This spring, when I mowed my lawn for the first time, I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath. We have a push mower. You see I had wintered well and I was terribly out of shape. My wife wasn’t happy with me, so she proclaimed herself “Paul Raymo’s personal trainer.”  I give her credit; she has been like a drill sergeant.

With my work schedule the way it is, we started walking late at night. The first night, I don’t think I could walk six blocks. I pushed myself with the help from my wife to go further the next night. I am happy to report that the walking every night is working, it is easier and easier to walk farther and farther.  Am I liking the exercise? No! What I did find out is that I do like spending time with my wife. We talk and walk! It’s a good bonding time.

She’s a tough cookie, she won’t let a night go by without pushing me out the door. Our goal is to reach three miles every night; we are almost there. I have on my phone an app called Map My Walk and I love using it while I’m walking. It has become a motivator for me. However, I’m going to need some new tennis shoes if I keep this up! I do wonder if I ever will like exercising. If I do I will let you know. As Carrie Tollefson says “Get after it”

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