It’s spring; farmers are in the field, spring sports are in full swing, and then there are graduation parties! I love going to graduation parties! I feel blessed and humbled to be invited to many of them. Every year, it makes me feel really special and grateful that the student thinks to invite the radio sports broadcaster.  I know some students better than others, but I always feel honored to be invited.

When I receive their graduation invite in the mail it always makes my day. I sit down with a tablet and write out my schedule: Graduate , dates, times and addresses. Trying to plan how I will attend all the graduation parties is like planning a military assault. I really don’t know how teachers and coaches do it. They seem to always be running from place to place to make the graduation parties.

Some parties have been very memorable. A few years ago I went to a party that was amazing. Great decorations, best punch ever, and the graduate met me at the driveway and gave me a hug. I went to another one a number of years ago and the graduate took the time to introduce me to just about everyone in the house, the garage and even the barn! I just wanted to dive into the pulled pork sandwiches!

Another graduate once had a Chinese restaurant cater their graduation party! I love Chinese food, and it was awesome! For one of my son’s graduation party , we went to Subway and bought the super party subs! The word spread fast around town and people came to eat Subway sandwiches.

I know how mothers clean their house to prepare for graduation. I walked into a house once during the party and swiped my finger across the top of the door frame and proudly displayed my dusty finger to the mother. Needless to say I got slapped! It was a good laugh.

I remember another party I attended, when I walked into the garage and heard my own voice. A video of the state basketball game was playing and they edited my play by play with the video. That was very cool. When some of my cousins graduated, my uncle and his friends always roasted a full pig. I miss those days. One family has a tradition of serving root beer floats to everyone. They did that with every one of their children.

I am looking forward to saying “Congratulations!” and “Best of luck in the future” to many graduates in the next few weeks. It is a special time. I always have some athletes, parents and grandparents that I have close relationships with. I cherish those relationships. I follow the graduate as they go through college  and see them become  successful in the business world. Some get married and have children and are wonderful moms and dads. I always look back and remember them in high school and for some funny reason remember their graduation party!


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