In my last blog I mentioned that I have been blogging for a whole year.  I have written over one hundred blogs in the past year. These blogs covered topics such as the length of my hair, jobs I could not do, a Vietnam vet, disliking popcorn and pet peeves of mine. While I was looking over what I had written, I noticed I liked some more than others. So here are some of my favorite blogs from this past year.

The blog that got the biggest response was about the length of my hair. My hair length turned into a family crisis. In early May of 2017, I started growing my hair out and by July my hair was longer than what it was in high school. People went nuts! Family and friends turned on me because they hated it. As I wrote in my blog, my own granddaughter Gretta thought I was starting to look like a girl. Maybe I was having a midlife crisis, I don’t know. I loved it. But I gave in and cut it to make everyone calm down!

Another favorite blog was written on August 22nd. I want a pet! I had a strong desire to get a small dog. In forty years of marriage and four kids, this household has never had a pet, like a dog or cat. We have had fish and gerbils, but they usually died the next day after bringing them home. I did my best to talk my wife into it, but to no avail. My wife has a very good point as to why we are not getting a dog, and I quote. “You don’t pay enough attention to me, when are you going to give a dog attention? You’re never home.”

Ok, that makes me sound like a bad husband, she’s just lashing out and trying to make a point! She gets attention from me! But I still don’t have a dog.

I have written some very tough and emotional blogs. I wrote about remembering Steve Bly and what his mother and family do every year to keep his memory alive. The run/walk at the end of June is a great way to remember an awesome kid that was taken way to early from us. On July 9th, I wrote about another young man from Minneota that passed away in an automobile accident. I was in Minneota with the Dawson Legion baseball team when the Minneota community unveiled a sign in centerfield to remember Donnie Schuelke. That was a tough time for me and everyone.

So many other blogs to talk about. I blogged about our daughter’s wedding in Hawaii and I continued a blog on Hawaiian food. I think my favorite blog was one of my first blogs I wrote. It was about my best sports moments in my broadcasting career. That was a fun blog to write. I recalled some of the most exciting moments in high school sports that I had broadcast over the years.

You can read all my blogs on our KLQP web site at Just click on Podcast and search Raymo’s Ramblings.



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