The other day my eyes started to itch and water. I woke up in the morning with my right eye completely matted shut, the other eye very crusty. I know it sounds gross and it was. Two years in a row now I have gotten pink eye! I was upset because I know how contagious pink eye is, and I was going to need to stay home for a few days. I had some prescription eye drops left over from last year and immediately started using them. Then my thoughts turned to how I got pink eye? Somebody had to have pink eye to give it to me. Who was it? I contracted germs from someone!!!


You see I am what they call a germaphobe. I wash my hands more than doctors do! I am always aware of conditions that might carry lots of germs. I don’t like shaking hands with people, I try to avoid that. I put my shirt over my hand when I reach for a door knob. I never touch a railing while climbing or going down stairs. I have a three feet rule when talking with people, so I don’t get breathed on. The list goes on.

Howie Mandel is truly a germaphobe person.  It is a condition in which a person will go to extreme lengths to protect themselves from disease.  For me it is more so I don’t get sick or catch a cold. When you’re in radio and on the air every day, getting a bad cold is like getting a death sentence. I can’t afford to be sick, people depend on me to be on the air. For the most part I do not get sick very often, but to protect myself from getting sick I do take some extreme measures.


I use paper towels for just about everything. I never use a towel that someone else has used. Public restrooms scare me; I always cover my hand with a paper towel or my shirt in restrooms.  Going through a buffet line is the worst for me. I grab the spoon as close to the front as I can, not the handle. I have hand sanitizer in my car and pocket.

It’s fair to say I am paranoid and I know this. It’s something I don’t talk about and few people know about it. I do my best to hide it. So why blog about it? Because I read another person’s blog and they said its good therapy to blog about issues you may have. It does feel good to write about it. I don’t know if I will change my ways, we will see.


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