Campfires. What is it about campfires? They can be so mesmerizing. Why do we like campfires? Why do we like staring at fire? Why do people like to build campfires? These are questions I asked myself as I sat around a campfire at a friends house one evening this past week. For me, campfires are very relaxing, unless you have family and friends that are pyromaniac’s and … Continue reading WHAT IS IT ABOUT CAMPFIRES?


I just finished a week of volunteering at Vacation Bible School at Calvary Baptist Church. It is a highlight of my summer. I love working with my church family during VBS. Roxie and I have been helping out at VBS at Calvary since 1988, that is thirty years. VBS has an immeasurable impact on children in the community. The majority of children that attend VBS at Calvary are community children. Recently, a 30-year-old mother, who has two children, related to me her fond memories of attending VBS at Calvary … Continue reading VBS ROCKS!!