One of my Facebook friends is Lisa Gillund from Minneota. We have never met in person, but are friends on Facebook because I follow the Minneota sports scene. Lisa is a wife and mother and her love of running is something special. Monday she will run in her second Boston Marathon.

I have been following her posts on Facebook recently about her training for the marathon. I find what she is doing very interesting so I messaged her to see if she would be willing to sit down with me and visit on the radio. Lisa responded right away and told me running is her passion and she loves to talk about running. So we set up a day and time to do the interview.

Lisa Gillund at the Boston Marathon

I have always been intrigued with people who love to run, because that is the last thing I would ever do. I have always disliked running, especially as a kid or young teenager in school. Remember gym class? You had to run around the school or track. Hated it!! To be honest I haven’t done any long distance running since high school.

I have covered cross country meets for years and am always impressed by the kids running three miles as fast as they can. I remember interviewing Niki Swenson Paradis at a meet as she crossed the finish line in first place and she wasn’t even breathing hard. She didn’t even look tired! It was just a normal stroll through the golf course for her. I remember thinking at the time I would not be doing very well, if I crossed the finish line at all. I was impressed. I admire all long distance runners and I have had the honor to interview a good number of runners over the years.

So I interviewed Lisa and it went really well. Lisa will run 26 miles on Monday in Boston. 26 miles!! Let that sink in for a minute! After listening to Lisa talk about why she runs and how she started running I was quite impressed with her. Her love of running helps her more mentally than physically. It is quite the story. Lisa loves this sport. I would encourage you to listen to the interview and hear her passion for this life style change she made. Let’s cheer her on Monday. I will be following her on the Boston Marathon app. You can download it on your phone and type in her name. Lisa Gillund.

Question: Do have friends on Facebook that you have never met in person?

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