I debated if I should blog about me having Covid again for the third time. But that is why I started blogging to document what I did the past week and keep a journal for my grandkids and great grandkids to let them know what grandpa was like and what went on in his life. So with that being said, here we go.

I know many of you have strong opinions about Covid since the pandemic started. There is so much misinformation out there about this virus. You can get information about Covid on the internet, the television and just about any media format. So much information is overwhelming to me, and I don’t trust any of it. I trust my family doctor. This is my opinion, be it right or wrong. This is my experience with this unbelievable virus.

Wednesday night was a normal day of work for me and the evening was spent at home as the winter storm barreled down on us. I went to bed around 11:30 and felt fine. I woke up at 1am coughing and it wouldn’t stop. I got out of bed and sat in my recliner coughing non stop! I wasn’t feeling sick, just coughing constantly. Roxie got up and was concerned and she reminded me that this is what happened the first time I had Covid. She tested me and it came back negative. I was awake the whole night and by noon I was exhausted from coughing and not sleeping. Thursday evening I spent the night in my recliner. Early Friday morning I was feeling like I had the flu and this time I tested positive for Covid. Friday wasn’t a good day. The coughing stopped completely at 2pm Friday, just like that it stopped! It’s the weirdest thing. Sunday morning I woke up and felt a little more normal again. It is amazing how fast Covid comes on me and how fast it leaves.

This was the third time I’ve had Covid. I have been told to take vitamins, stop testing myself, stop going to major league arenas where there’s 1000’s of people and even that Covid isn’t real. These are things family and friends have told me this past week. I respond with love and answer with I test myself because I care about people and don’t want to spread the virus. I am a people person and get my energy from being around people. I love people. And Covid is real, because I had a friend who was perfectly healthy and died from it, and another friend recently spent weeks in the St Cloud hospital on a ventilator! Now his lungs have been damaged for life. Covid is real and we still need to take it serious. Each time I have tested positive my first thought is, I wonder how bad it’s going to get? I have taken the Covid shots and a booster and still get Covid, but not bad enough to be hospitalized and am thankful for that.

What bothered me the most this week was not being able to be with my family and friends and broadcasting the section basketball games. Thanks to Bart Hill and Ryan Lee for covering for me. I’ll see everyone in the gym this week.

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