I look forward to Fridays in the summer. Why? It’s Food Wagon Friday at Jim’s Market in Canby. It’s a combination of things I enjoy. Being with people, great food, using social media, supporting an organization and broadcasting on the radio. Five things that make me happy.

Food Wagon Friday was the idea of the general manager at Jim’s Market Brian McKeen. Brian has become a good friend of mine the last few years. As many of you know I do the sales at KLQP radio. Jim’s Market in Canby has been advertising on KLQP radio for many years. We thank the Hubers for that. A few years ago Brian called me and asked if I would be interested in broadcasting live from the food wagon in the parking lot at Jim’s on Fridays. I said yes before he was done speaking. From May to September every Friday I make the short drive to Canby for Food Wagon Friday and I love it.

Lori and Lindsey St Peters

You might ask, what is Food Wagon Friday all about? Jim’s Market has a small food wagon which is parked next to the front door at the grocery store in the parking lot. Picnic tables are set up and Brian has a large grill behind the food wagon. From May to September on Fridays from 11am until 1pm lunch is served. Here is the best part. Jim’s Market has an organization come and work the food wagon during that time. All the profits from the lunch are then given to that organization. Jim’s donates all the food and beverages every Friday. The cost for the lunch is usually $8. All proceeds benefit local organizations! Isn’t that awesome! Last summer $12,715.53 was raised during Food Wagon Friday!

I usually arrive at 11 oclock and set up my broadcasting equipment behind the food wagon next to Brian who is grilling. We do two live remotes before noon to encourage people to come to Jim’s Market parking lot and have lunch and support a local organization. The last few years I have gotten to know many of the people from Canby because of Food Wagon Friday. I have interviewed the leaders of the organizations and learned what they are all about. I usually ask them what the proceeds are going for and they tell me about their group. The Canby community really comes out to support the many organizations.

We do have fun. I enjoy watching Brian grilling burgers and hot dogs. Most of the time he has some good flare ups and the flames off the grill get pretty high. He is known to lose a hamburger while flipping them. Last Friday the Canby-Minneota Dance Team was working the food wagon and Kylie Sterzinger made a smiley face with ketchup on my hamburger. My favorite is the Nathan hot dogs and that is what is being served this Friday with the Canby High School Volleyball Boosters working. Chantz Engesmoe who works at Jim’s is often hanging around the food wagon and we have some good visits about baseball and the Vikings and Packers. Brian and I like to tease him because he’s a big Packer fan.

Some of the organizations that benefit from Food Wagon Fridays are, With Angel Wings, which is an amazing group of three young mothers that have lost a child. The ministry they have created is helping so many grieving families. I enjoy visiting every year with the people from St Peter’s and the Canby high school sports teams, Country Twisters Gymnastics, Lions and Rotary Clubs and the Arts council. I really look forward to Food Wagon Fridays in Canby. Everyone wins!

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One thought on “FOOD WAGON FRIDAY

  1. What a great idea……and so smart of you to join in and make even more connections!! God Bless! Cynthia


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