I was asked to lead a class on how to take good selfies! I was flattered to think people think I’m good at taking selfies. Someone said to me “Well that’s what you’re known for and you’re good at it”. I was taken back.

On the 4th Wednesday of the month there is a Social Media Luncheon held at Madison Merchantile. It’s a time to learn about how to use social media for your personal and business use. Each month has a different topic. I was asked to lead the discussion on how to take good pictures with your cell phone. It was fun preparing the lesson. A couple things to keep in mind when taking pictures are composition and lighting. I looked at my selfies I have taken over the years and picked some of my favorites and why they looked good. I will share them.

This picture has the vibrant color of red. Happy smiles and Julie slipped in at the last second with her shades on, which makes it that much better. The lighting is perfect. The LQPV boys golf team placed 3rd at state, hence the boys holding up three fingers. This picture always makes me smile.

This selfie was taken at the Swift County Fair in Appleton. Amanda and Dylan from Pioneer PBS were my guests on the radio in the Q-92 booth. Amanda’s and Dylan’s personalities come through in this picture. The excitement of being on KLQP! The Q-92 banners in the background make this a good selfie.

This is my favorite selfie of all time! Why? It was taken in the lobby outside the Dawson-Boyd gym. The Shadows were heading to state. Someone dared me to see if I could get all the Shadows in a selfie. Challenge accepted! No selfie stick I used my right arm and held my camera phone up high and got everyone in the shot. Lisa’s yellow sweatshirt along with my Shadows cap and all the smiles make it a memorable selfie.

At our social media meeting Wednesday, everyone in attendance took selfies with their camera and experimented with different angles and lighting. We all learned new things by studying our camera phone. I learned a few new things, that in portrait mode, the picture focuses on one object and blurs the rest of the picture. Also you should do different angles when taking selfies. It was a fun and awesome meeting. I would encourage you to check out our next Social Media Luncheon on Wednesday April 27th at noon at the Madison Merch. I will share a slide show of some other selfies I really like.

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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