I gained new friends this past Wednesday as I ventured out to West Branch Vineyard just outside of Dawson. It’s a new business run by a husband and wife. They wanted to advertise on KLQP, so I went out to see what their business was all about and do an interview.

I had heard of Trig and Sara Viessman, but don’t remember ever meeting them. I had also seen posts on social media that they were building and opening a winery of some sort between Dawson and Madison. As I was driving out to their place on Wednesday afternoon I didn’t know what to expect. I turned my GPS on because I am terrible when it comes to finding a place in the country. Country people always describe directions this way. “Go 1/2 mile east on county road 13, then go south three miles on 13 and turn east for for a 1/4 mile and we are on the southwest side on the 10 acres to your left!” That’s not going to get me to your place. So thank you God for GPS.

Sara and Trig Viessman

However, my GPS didn’t do a really good job of getting me to West Branch Vineyard, but after calling a friend for better directions I finally found them. As I parked my car in front of this new business on a farm site, two friendly dogs greeted me. When I entered West Branch Vineyard I just stood inside the door and looked around and said to myself “Wow!!” The décor and layout is beautiful and impressive. Trig and Sara met me and gave me a tour of the place.

I could tell they were very proud of what they have done and are doing. It has been a dream of Trig’s for a long time. We went into Trig’s office to record the interview. Sara admitted that she was nervous about doing the interview and I tried to calm her a bit. While interviewing them I could tell they have a real passion for this business they are building. I always admire a husband and wife that work together. I love my wife Roxie very much and she loves me, but we both say we could never be in business together. We actually laugh about it whenever that subject comes up. So, hats off to husbands and wives that are in business together. While interviewing both of them, what impressed me most was that while building their place they used as many as one hundred local businesses. Sara said we are all about “local.”

After the interview we took pictures and hung out a bit. Both Trig and Sara have a great sense of humor and we hit it off. We talked about marketing and advertising on the radio. Sara told me that they go by the motto “Build it and they will come”. I posted my visit with Trig and Sara on my social media sites and was surprised at the number of comments and likes. Sara had posted on her Facebook page that she was disappointed that she forgot to ask me for my autograph! I thought that was funny.

Friday, my wife, Roxie and our friends Dan and Cheri Tuckett went out to West Branch Vineyard. We had a great experience, we enjoyed wine tasting and pizza! We went fairly early and as the night went on the place filled up. Lots of smiles and laughter. I happened to bring my baseball card with me and autographed it and gave it to Sara and that made her day.

Sara got my autograph and she was thrilled!!

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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