I look forward to handing out Sundrop to the LQPV students every Lac qui Parle Valley Homecoming. It’s so much fun to see the kids expressions when they see the pop and I hear a “thank you” Oh the happiness that Sundrop brings.

The Madison and Appleton Chambers of Commerce get together every homecoming to supply a little treat for the kids during homecoming festivities in the afternoon at the school. A few years ago the parade and all the homecoming activities were moved out to the high school. It’s pretty cool to see all the elementary and high school kids together in one place. The parade organizes in the back of the school, firetrucks, floats, LQPV marching band, homecoming royalty and each class is represented. The elementary kids along with teachers walk in the parade shouting LQPV! Bleachers are set up in front of the school for parents and grandparents. Judges are sitting at a table to judge the class floats. It is quite the scene. Lots of excitement.

The chambers order 835 cans of Sundrop from Madison Bottling for the students and staff. They bring a refrigerated trailer to keep the pop cold. We set the trailer up in front of the school and when the pepfest is over the students are instructed to go out the front door and pick up there can of Sundrop. Then they head to the football field for the Powder Puff game.

Appleton and Madison Chamber members open the twelve packs of Sundrop and set the cans on tables and wait for the students to come. Barry Fust from Shooters showed us chamber members the best way to open a twelve pack. You open both ends, then shove your hand in one end and push the twelve cans out the other end. It was really slick. We were all surprised at how easy that was. Barry has had experience doing that with twelve packs of beer.

LQPV Homecoming parade

Once the doors open there comes the big rush of students. It only lasts for about ten to fifteen minutes but it is a lot of fun to watch 800 some people in a matter of minutes devour the cans of Sundrop. It is really nice to hear thank you from the kids. I have recorded the moment every year on my phone and I enjoy watching it. The smiles on all the students faces. Some students will stand and have a hard time deciding if they want regular Sundrop or diet.

LQPV does homecoming right. Everyone gets involved for a fun time. The Taste of LQPV is one of my favorite activities. The organizations and clubs do a great job of serving food to the large crowd before the game. The weather was perfect. Oh yeah, there was a football game played. A win for the LQPV football team capped off a really fun day for LQPV fans. This coming week it’s Dawson-Boyds turn. I’m looking forward to it.

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