Saturday it was 106 degrees in Madison and I was sitting in press boxes broadcasting section softball and baseball. It was a fun day of sweating. My week working at the radio station was a busy one. The reason I love my job so much is that everyday it is something different and exciting! I learn new things and meet new people and have fun celebrating accomplishments with people and teams. Radio works and is fun!

Last Sunday was Lac qui Parle Valley’s graduation and the commencement was broadcast over KLQP. I set up the radio equipment in the gym and the broadcast went off without any problems. Principal Sawatzky gave an amazing speech, one of the best I’ve ever heard. After the commencement I attended as many graduation parties as I could.

Monday morning we broadcast the Memorial Day Program from the Madison Cemetery. Maynard and I went down early and put up the speakers and the radio equipment. It was a beautiful morning to recognize the veterans that have served this country. The program and radio broadcast went well. After the program we took down all the equipment and visited with people. Once again, another event was broadcast on KLQP. I have always said radio works and is a powerful tool!

Tuesday afternoon on KLQP we had section softball. I didn’t have to travel far, just out to LQPV high school. I enjoy visiting with the coaches and players before the game. I get the line up cards from both coaches and then climb the ladder to the press box. I had company in the press box at LQPV that day, two senior girls Kelsey and Ashley did the PA and played the music between innings. LQPV softball team won both of their games and pitcher Rylee Sawatzky pitched back to back no hitters. I had so many people tell me that they listened to both games. Radio works and is fun!

Wednesday was a big day for high school golfers. The section meet was held in Willmar at Eagle Creek Golf Course. I was running late and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make the awards ceremony later in the afternoon. I left Madison and took my usual route to Willmar on Highway 40. Well there is a long detour on 40 and I didn’t know that, but I made the awards ceremony and was able to interview live on the radio all the local golfers that qualified for the state golf tournament next week at Pebble Creek in Becker. After I got off the radio with the golfers, I thought “that was good radio”! For some reason interviewing high school golfers is different than interviewing basketball or baseball players. Golfers seem to have more to say. Radio again played a role in letting people know what was going on at Eagle Creek golf course and it was fun!

Thursday I made the trip down to Milroy, about a hour and twenty minutes from Madison for section baseball. Coach Bart Hill and his Eagle baseball team were in an elimination game with Red Rock Central/Westbrook Walnut Grove. Maybe the most exciting baseball game I have broadcast in a long time. It was an exciting win for LQPV, as Maverick Conn got a base hit in the bottom of the 9th inning for the win! We had a fun postgame show in the press box. Radio made it possible for people who couldn’t be there in person to listen to the game. Friday morning was my usual, Fashionista Fridays with Monica in the studio and then make the drive to Canby for Food Wagon Fridays at Jim’s Market. Radio brings all these different programs to the people that listen. Radio works and is so much fun. My week ended on Saturday broadcasting section softball at LQPV in the morning and section baseball at Milroy in the afternoon on the hottest day of the year. I was exhausted when I got home.

That was my week on the radio. This is why I love my job so much. I get to do so many different things and meet so many people. I am a people person and this job fits me well. If you read my blog and maybe have never listened to KLQP radio, tune us in at 92.1fm. Can’t wait to see what this week brings. Radio works and is so much fun.

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