Saturday afternoon I was busy watching many high school and college athletic events on my phone and television. Online video streaming of high school sports has been a valuable service during this pandemic. I have been able to watch some of my grandkids play basketball from Montevideo and Wichita Kansas.

Since large gatherings of people aren’t permitted in school gyms video streaming has become very important for schools. Since grandparents, relatives, friends and fans of the student athletes can’t attend the events, schools have had to invest in video streaming. Fans can then watch online. Some schools have entered into a contract with the National Federation of High Schools to stream their school events. This is a subscription streaming service, so you have to pay to watch the games. From what I have heard it hasn’t gone very well. Some schools use YouTube, which I like, other schools have done their own thing. Streaming high school events have become a big thing this year. It’s important to people to be able to watch their teams.

Tuesday and Friday this past week my radio broadcast was hooked up to the Livestream at LQPV. The LQPV boys basketball team is having a great season. Tuesday they played Renville County West who hadn’t lost a game yet, just like the Eagles. So it was a big game, we had over 500 electronic devices watching and usually there is more than one person watching on any given device. It would be safe to say over 1000 people were watching. I know a number of bars in the area had us on their big TV’s. Friday was the same thing and the Eagle boys beat a very good Central Minnesota Christian team.

It takes a good number of volunteers to operate a livestream. At LQPV Ryan Lee and Amanda Molden run the camera and do a great job. I also think Lakeview and CMCS have an amazing livestream. They operate a number of cameras and they have awesome graphics and even replays. Phil Lalim at Lakeview is a genius when it comes to running the online stream at Lakeview High School. My friend Brad Greenwaldt does the on-line play by play for CMCS and he is amazing. He helped me on my broadcast Friday.

Brad Greenwaldt CMCS

Saturday afternoon I watched two state ranked girls basketball teams play in Minneota. It was on YouTube and I watched it on my television. The Willmar radio station was broadcasting through the stream. The Vikings beat BBE. I watched on my phone Team United wrestling from Canby on Facebook and at the same time watching the University of Minnesota Morris women’s basketball team play Bethany Lutheran from Mankato. Later in the afternoon I watched RCW at Lakeview in girls basketball on my TV! Thank goodness for online video broadcasting. Online streaming is here to stay and it will only get better.

Amanda Molden running the camera at LQPV

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