Maynard and I enjoyed visiting with everyone Sunday afternoon during KLQP Radio’s 38th Anniversary drive-by celebration. KLQP hit the airwaves 38 years ago today in Madison. We usually invite our listeners into the studio to celebrate with coffee and cookies, But this year, because of the pandemic, we decided to have a drive-by with apple cider and cookies. It was a big hit and fun.

People drove up next to the radio station and rolled down their window and Maynard and I would greet them with a smile and big hello! We handed them registration slips to sign up for prizes that we would be giving away. Then we gave them cookies from Jubilee Foods and hot apple cider made by Deb, Maynard’s wife. We set up a table on the sidewalk for the cookies and cider. The anniversary celebration went from 1pm to 2pm. We were busy the whole hour. The weather was perfect with no wind and a temp of 28 degrees. Some cars had four people in it and of course everyone wanted to chat with us. Sometimes we had three to four cars waiting.

Maynard visiting with a Q-92 listener.

Both Maynard and I enjoy visiting with the people that listen to 92.1 fm. Some listeners that stopped by during the drive-by gave us cards. We read them later and some brought a tear to my eye. It’s very rewarding to know that you are making a difference in people’s lives. One of the comments was that someone loved the “Joke of the Day” that Maynard started a couple of weeks ago, the fellow said it made his day. Another lady said she has us set as her alarm clock and it wakes her up every morning and she listens till she goes to work. Many faithful listeners stopped by including 94 year old Carlyle Larson of Madison and he is still driving his car. He pulled up and Maynard greeted him with a cookie and cider and they both had a good time talking to each other. Maynard told me every year Carlyle comes to the anniversary celebration and tells him that when he first came to Madison he didn’t think the radio station would last. Here he is 38 years later!

KLQP radio drive-by celebration.

I feel really blessed to be working at KLQP. It’s a God thing for me and I tell everyone that. I am thankful that Maynard and his partner at the time, Terry Overlander decided to put a radio station in Madison, Minnesota back in 1983. It has changed my life. I appreciate all the hard work Maynard, Terry and Office Manager, Kris Kuechenmeister have put in to make it a successful radio station. Kris has been with KLQP for 37 years and is the backbone of the radio station. She keeps everything so organized and running. Over the years, many people have worked at KLQP to help make it successful. Of course the radio station wouldn’t be successful without the small businesses in the Q-92 listening area. We are all in this together, that is why it is so important to support your local businesses. Think local and shop local.

Thanks for listening to KLQP radio over the last 38 years. We appreciate all of you!

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