When you are sitting around the dinner table Thursday with just the people in your household, answer this question. What am I thankful for in 2020? There’s an awful lot to be gloomy about right now, so what better time to count your blessings when things are tough.

2020 has definitely been a very difficult year for all of us. In the midst of difficulties, we can always find something to be thankful for. Because of the pandemic I can think of some groups of people that have had a very stressful and difficult year. Health care providers, school personal, students and restaurant and bar owners. I hurt for the nurses, teachers, students and business owners. I am so thankful for them.

I would like to share with you what I am thankful for in 2020. Its not going to be the usual thankful list. It’s the little things this year for me. Here we go.

Thankful to be able to stay home more. I’ve had more time to rest and that’s a good thing.

Thankful for our Wednesday night church small group. There are eight of us. We share our life experiences, study Gods Word together and pray.

Very thankful that I was able to broadcast high school sports. It wasn’t a normal year of broadcasting, but it felt great to get back into the gym and on the football field this fall. Being with coaches, parents and athletes is what I enjoy most. Building relationships with these people is a real blessing to me.

Thankful for Zoom meetings! I think Zoom meetings are cool and they are here to stay after this pandemic is over.

I’m thankful for take-out meals from our favorite restaurants. We have done this a lot this year. It supports a local bar and restaurant and it’s fun. You feel good about supporting your friends that own these businesses.

I’m so thankful for my squirrel friend that I made this summer. Every morning during the summer I would sit out on my patio, drink my coffee and do my devotions, enjoying the early mornings. Early in the summer a squirrel would show up in my backyard and every day I would coax him to come closer to me. And he did. By the end of August he would sit right next to me and be playful. He would jump up on the chair next to me and sit quietly and watch me. It was amazing to watch him get comfortable with me. One morning I was a bit late coming outside, when I opened the back door there he was right outside the door waiting for me. When he saw me he ran around in circles just like a dog would so excited to see me. It was a highlight of my summer.

This might sound silly, but I’m thankful that my wife was quarantined! I did some of her household chores like grocery shopping and getting medications from the drug store, things she usually does. She couldn’t go out and she was most happy when I brought the Western Guard newspaper home for her to read. It’s the little things in life. I am thankful for her and all she does for me.

It’s been a rough year and it’s not over yet. At times like these, when each day brings so much gloom it’s important to occasionally remind ourselves that we can be thankful for something. To end my blog this week, I am so thankful for you! You read my blog each week and that means the world to me. Thanks for all of the nice comments. I appreciate all of you. Thank you and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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