Working in radio you get to meet so many nice people. One of the big benefits of my job is that every day is different. Last Friday was one of those days. First I hosted a fashion show in Dawson and the next hour I was visiting with people about the arts in Canby. Then I came back to the office in Madison to edit an interview I did with two teenage girls about suicide.The day ended with broadcasting car bingo from a park in Madison. I absolutely love my job!!

It started Friday morning about 9am, I drove to Dawson to broadcast Fashionista Fridays with Monica from Monica’s Apparel and Accessories. Before I arrived at Monica’s I stopped at Heather Nursery and bought some grass seed from Duane Hastad. I host the Garden Show with him on Thursdays and he said now is the time to plant grass. When I arrived at Monica’s she had breakfast waiting for me. Her business is in her home, so her husband, KB and I sat at the kitchen counter and enjoyed our three sunny side up eggs, two sausage patties and toast, along with a cup of coffee. Monica’s momma always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She loves cooking and KB and I gobbled up our breakfast.

Monica is celebrating 13 years in business and every year she has a big celebration. I never thought I would find someone that loves their job more than I do! Monica lives and breathes fashion! She has a passion for fashion! I love her many slogans she shouts out during our broadcast. She is so excited about what she is doing and she does a great job running her business. She is a giver! She loves her customers and treats everyone like they are the most important person in the world. After the broadcast was over I packed up my radio equipment and headed for Canby.

All summer long I have been broadcasting live from Jim’s Market in Canby. Brian McKeen the general manager fires up the grill every Friday and opens up the food wagon for Food Wagon Friday! Jim’s Market gives all the proceeds to a group in Canby, like the Lions Club, Canby Area Arts Council, With Angel Wings and other groups. It is a nice fundraiser for these groups. I broadcast from the parking lot next to the food wagon over noon hour. I usually interview Brian and he promotes Jim’s Market and then I visit with the people that are working the food truck and they get to tell what their group is all about. This past Friday I got to visit with Jody Olson from the Canby Area Arts Council. I believe Jody is 90 some years old and we go way back. She is a Master Gardener and a number of years ago I would meet her in a Canby resident’s back yard and we would broadcast from that persons yard and talk about their beautiful garden or lawn. I have learned a lot from Jody over the years. She does a great job, along with other people promoting the arts in Canby. After Food Wagon Friday I headed back to Madison to work in the studio for the afternoon.

I did a recorded interview the day before with Christina Novy and Jade Roszak from Dawson. They are organizing a Walk to end Suicide on Thursday, September 24th in Dawson. Both teenage girls have heartbreaking stories to tell about suicide. They shared their personal stories of struggle. It was an interview I will never forget. Both girls want to end the stigma associated with suicide. So Friday I had to edit the interview to play later that day. Then I posted the interview with pictures on our website and social media sites. I also posted interviews I had done on Thursday with farm families. The Trygestad family farm is a Century Farm and the Hantho family is the first family to have a farm in Lac qui Parle County for 150 years! I really enjoy listening to them tell about the history of their farms.

The day ended at Kiwanis Park in Madison. With the COVID pandemic going on, Maynard came up with an idea to play car bingo! That would be pandemic safe! We really didn’t know what to expect, but we had just over 50 cars join us in the rain for car bingo. Maynard broadcast live from his car calling the bingo numbers and when someone had a bingo they honked their car horn! They left their parking spot and drove to us to confirm the card and I had the pleasure of handing them their prize and taking their pictures. Lots of happy faces from parents and kids! It was a great idea and we have been asked to do it again.

So can you see why I love my job so much. I get to visit with many amazing people during the course of the day. There are lots of good people around here, doing great things. I am blessed to be a part of so many lives and get to hear their stories. I thank God everyday for my life and my job and where he has me.

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