I received a text that said, “Paul, we want you to be our first guest on our podcast.” I got pretty excited! I don’t think I’ve ever texted back so fast. Yes, yes and yes I would love to be on your podcast was my reply. I’ve been a guest on other radio shows before but never a podcast. I couldn’t wait till Wednesday.

Kelli Fernholz and Angie Young have started a podcast called “Lifestyle Burritos”. Kelli and Angie are good friends and live in the same town as I do. Both are married and have children and full time jobs. So, they are young moms, married, and work outside the home full time! Just imagine what their daily routine must be. Laundry, making meals, baths, running their kids around, cleaning house, grocery shopping, and the list can go on and on. Not to mention maintaining relationships with their husbands. How do they do it? Being a young mother and wife is hard. So out of their experiences was born the podcast “Lifestyle Burritos”.

What a great idea to develop a podcast for young mothers that are living in small towns. I thought that was a brilliant and genius idea and told them so. Podcasting and blogging have become huge because of the internet. I started blogging because some friends were pressuring me to do so. I told them I would blog for a month and see what happens. I’m still blogging four years later because I absolutely fell in love with it. The response from people has been overwhelming. I still can’t understand why people like to read about what I am doing or about my life experiences. I have had messages from a London England blogger that reads my blog all the time. Visiting with Kelli and Angie, I found out they are experiencing the same thing I am. They really enjoy podcasting.

They sat in my office at the radio station a few weeks ago and we had the greatest time just talking about podcasting and blogging and how much fun it has been. We shared stories about how it has changed us and what we can do to be better. You see, podcasting and blogging are in a way the same thing. You are putting yourself out there. You’re sharing personal things going on in your life and with the world. I really don’t listen to podcasts and I know many people do. I guess I just like listening to the old fashion radio. “Lifestyle Burrito” is my very first podcast that I am listening to on a regular basis now. I can’t wait till the next episode.

Angie and Kelli at the KLQP studio’s

Kelli and Angie have the perfect personalities for a successful podcast. Angie seems to be the straight, forward, and lets stay on track kind of person and Kelli is the let’s have fun at any cost kind of girl. They both have a great sense of humor which you need for a podcast. What I enjoy about their podcast is how real they both are. You feel like you are sitting right next to them and you want to join in on the conversation. Some of their life stories are hilarious. I love both of their laughs. It is a great podcast.

When we sat down last week to record the podcast, the subject was about my sports career and if high school sports was going to happen this fall. During the podcast I asked Angie and Kelli if they played any high school sport when they were in school. For the next fifteen minutes it was revealed that both of them were very successful cheerleaders! I was shocked and I think they were shocked to find out they both had been cheerleaders. Angie a competition cheerleader at Lac qui Parle Valley back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Kelli was a hockey cheerleader on skates for the Hutchinson Tigers. We laughed and had a great time talking about that. I said I wanted to see pictures. So they both were good sports and posted cheerleading pictures of themselves on Facebook later that week. That is what a good podcast is, personal stories, laughter, and finding out something you didn’t know before.

Give “Lifestyle Burrito” a listen and share it. You won’t be disappointed!

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