I was in Clear Lake South Dakota Friday night broadcasting a town team baseball game. It had been over three months since my last broadcast. In fact it was March 12th, broadcasting the state girls basketball tournament from the University of Minnesota. It felt so good to be back doing what I love!

The weather was perfect Friday night in Clear Lake, low humidity and a slight breeze. Hollie Thompson and I were sitting on a park bench next to the Dawson Drakes dugout broadcasting the game. A number of times during the broadcast I just closed my eyes, soaking it all in and enjoying the moment and thanked the Lord for blessing me with the best job ever. Not being able to broadcast games for three months really made me appreciate my job more. Sunday it was more baseball on a very windy day in Madison as the Mallards hosted the Appleton A’s. I was wearing a big smile as I got to broadcast two baseball games this week.

Oh, I did get upset and complain daily for three months about not being able to broadcast games. I cursed COVID-19 many times, about how it was destroying people’s lives. For the most part, I didn’t agree with what our state and federal government was doing. I guess I watched too much television news that made me that way. I know everyone has their own opinion about what is happening and that’s fine, just be respectful and kind to each other.

It felt great to get out and be with other people this past week. Wednesday I did some broadcasting from the new CCM Wellness Center in Montevideo! All I can say is WOW! When you walk into the building for the first time that is what you will say too, WOW. It’s a pretty impressive place. I actually got fired up to workout myself. CCM Health did a great job putting that together and it is a huge asset to the community of Montevideo and surrounding area.

Friday afternoon was a special moment for the community of Appleton. I was asked by Appleton Area Health to come over and broadcast the planting of the community orchard. What a great idea. It is a partnership between Appleton Area Health and Zion Lutheran Church. The orchard was planted on an empty lot next to the church. Kelsey Tollefson who works at AAH came up with the idea. Many people showed up to help plant apple and plum trees and raspberry bushes and more. It felt great to be around people doing a really good thing for their community. When the trees and bushes start producing fruit, the whole community is invited to help themselves.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate things in our lives until they are taken away from us. I do have a different outlook on things, since being home-bound for three months. I missed my family, going out with friends, making in person sales calls and the list can go on. Now that we are getting back to somewhat of a normal life again I look at things differently. Sometimes positive can come from a bad situation.

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