You can find me sitting along press row at the RA Facility in Marshall during section basketball playoffs. I’m pretty easy to spot with my headset on. This week some fans sitting behind me got to see more of me than I wanted.

Whenever I see a guy with his pants hanging low and his butt crack showing, I think to myself he’s not very well kept, he doesn’t care what he looks like and he’s lazy. Plumbers, electricians and carpenters usually have heavy work belts hanging on their waists which might pull their pants down to reveal their butt crack. These guys are working hard. When I see them I don’t think the same way as I do just seeing a regular mans butt crack walking down the street.

Thursday at SMSU while broadcasting two basketball games I unknowingly revealed my butt crack sitting on my chair to a few hundred LQPV and Dawson-Boyd fans that were sitting behind me. I did not find this out until I got home later that night. I was totally embarrassed and couldn’t believe it. Here’s the story.

I was broadcasting the Blackjacks basketball game. I always check my cellphone while broadcasting for a number of different reasons. I received a picture text from a friend who was sitting about 15 rows behind me. It was a picture of me and my broadcasting partner Brad Greenwalt backsides. I was doing play by play at the time and I took a quick glance at the picture and saw who sent it and my thoughts were he’s taking a picture of us and that’s it.

I didn’t think about it again until I got home later that night when I was scrolling through my pictures on my phone. I saw the picture again and that’s when I saw it. My butt crack was showing! My friend also texted “Cover yourself up!” I hadn’t seen the written text earlier. He was trying to help me and save me from further embarrassment.

As I stared at the picture of my butt crack, I started to laugh. At first I was so mad at myself, because hundreds of people and mostly people I know from LQPV and Dawson-Boyd have been exposed to my butt crack. The only thing I could do was laugh at myself. I made the decision to post it on my social media sites.

I really was not expecting the response that I received from this one picture. I received private texts from family and friends, many comments from all my different social media sites and face to face conversations about it. Days afterwards people at the RA Facility were still talking about it. Laughing with me. Even a referee before the game said “I follow you on Twitter and that post of you from behind was so funny”

Saturday afternoon a number of people sitting behind me were taking pictures of me, making funny comments. I got smart and hung my coat on my chair to block the view. Before the game started Saturday some friends stole my coat from my chair. I guess they wanted to see more of me. Jerry the PA guy and other radio station guys thought the post was brilliant and funny. I hope you don’t think I don’t care about what I look like, or that I’m lazy because my butt crack was showing. Because I’m not. I will be more careful next time sitting in the chairs at the RA Facility. I’m glad I posted the picture because sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

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