I had the flu last Thursday night and was in no condition to travel to Clara City to broadcast the Blackjacks and Wolverines in a Section Girls Basketball game. I have broadcasted games before when I wasn’t feeling well, but I had to say no to this game. The flu had knocked me down. Listening to Terry do the game made me feel that much worse because I wasn’t able to be at Maccray high school. It really made me sick to miss a game.

With state dance last week and section basketball starting this week, it’s not a good time for me to get sick. I had a great time covering state dance last week with the Shadows at Target Center. I felt great and not sick at all. Tuesday I went to St. Paul to visit with senators and representatives for Pioneer PBS. On the way home from St. Paul I started coughing in the car, by the time I got home I was feeling sick. It hit that fast.

I know you are to stay home from work if you’re sick, but Wednesday I went to work because I have so much to do with section sports underway. However, I had to leave work Wednesday afternoon to take my wife to the doctor, she too was feeling really ill. She tested positive for Influenza A! Her doctor suggested that I get tested also, which I did later that afternoon and I got the Q tip shoved up my nose all the way to the bottom of my brain! Which is always fun. The results came back negative, but I still had the flu. We had to wear those blue masks in the clinic and for a moment I thought I was in China.

I absolutely hate missing ball games. Thursday morning both my wife and I stayed home from work and I thought I could maybe go to Clara City and do the Blackjacks game later that night. The game didn’t start till 8pm, so maybe I would be feeling better by then. By noon it was clear that I wasn’t going anywhere. I was really sick. My emotions were all over the place! I was really upset that I wasn’t going to be in Clara City that night. I made the phone call to Terry and asked him if he could go do the girls game. I almost cried! I hated not being able to be there. I feel like I’m letting people down.

I often wonder if national broadcasters ever miss broadcasting a game they are scheduled to do because they are sick. Can you even imagine someone else broadcasting a Minnesota Vikings football game because Paul Allen was sick? It’s just not right. That is why I feel so strongly about not missing any games. Saturday I had the Coaches Show to do in the morning and then go over to Montevideo for the Section 3A girls basketball games. I did feel better Saturday, but not much. I toughed it out Saturday in Montevideo, only able to do one game. Sunday was a day of rest, which was good.


So now I am on the road to recovery with many section girls and boys basketball games coming up in the next few weeks. I love this time of year and am looking forward to broadcasting the games. I blogged last year about me being such a germaphobic, I wash my hands more than a doctor does, but yet I still got sick this week. Maybe it was all the politicians hands I shook on Tuesday at the Capital. I will be in Marshall this week for section basketball and I will be healthy! That is what I am telling myself!

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