My wife asked me Sunday, “What’s your schedule looking like for this week? I told her, “I’ll see you at Thanksgiving.” It’s going to be a busy next couple of weeks. Monday begins my favorite time for broadcasting high school sports and I love it!

Roxie is used to me being gone most nights covering high school sports. It’s a year round gig and she is very supportive of my broadcasting career. When I said, “I’ll see you at Thanksgiving,” I wasn’t kidding. This week section sports begin, I have volleyball Monday, football Tuesday, section cross country in Madison Thursday, then back to volleyball Friday and Saturday afternoon is more section football. I can’t forget about Wednesday, I don’t have section sports on Wednesday, but I do have bible study!

I believe in doing my homework for each game. I actually spend more time than I should at gathering stats and information, but I like to be prepared. I get as much information as I can get from each team. I visit with the coaches to get insights and talk to as many people as I can. Networking with other radio and newspaper guys that cover the same beat as me is important. For example I’ve built a great relationship with Byron Higgin of the Minneota Mascot newspaper. I consider him a good friend and we keep each other up to date on the teams we cover. I get most of my Minneota sports info from him. I receive emails and texts from coaches, activities directors, parents and even grandparents. I have a whole network of people that help me out so I can do my job well.

My friend Byron Higgin, Minneota Mascot newspaper

This past week covering high school sports was special for me. I attended my very first swim meet in Montevideo. A few LQPV and Dawson-Boyd girls are on the Montevideo swim team and wanted me to come watch them. A couple of things about swim meets, it’s really warm watching from the stands and I learned quickly I have a lot to learn about what’s going on. I did enjoy it and maybe will attempt a broadcast next year.

The Camden Conference Cross Country meet was held near Renville at Stoney Creek Golf course on Tuesday. It was cold and I really don’t know how the kids can run in those conditions. I really admire runners, it’s something I could never picture myself doing….ever! The LQPV/DB boys and Canby/Minneota girls teams have amazing runners and they are fun to watch. I’m looking forward to covering the section meet in Madison Thursday.

My plan is to go to bed early Sunday and get some good sleep. I’m going to need it. I hope to see many of you at the football field or in the gym in the next few weeks. When you see me, maybe we can take a selfie together, that would be fun. Maybe I should take a selfie with my wife since I won’t see her until Thanksgiving.


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