Every time I go over to Canby to broadcast a game, I always come away feeling special. The people at the school always give me a warm welcome and are so kind and thoughtful. I really enjoy the Canby community. My friends, along with my wife and I frequent PK Eagans often. A couple of times we brought our lawn chairs and listened to the music in the park during the summer. So many good memories over the years. Canby is a special place for me.

canby music.jpgcanby music in park monday.jpg

I really enjoy covering Canby sports, and it is fun getting to know so many different people from the community. I must admit that when you are in radio, people know you, but I don’t always know them. So I am asking a lot, “I’m sorry, who are you again.” I always look forward to coming over to Canby to broadcast games or cover a community event.

When I am at the Canby gym broadcasting games, Delon Clarksean, the PA announcer and one of the best, has in the past introduced me to the crowd before the game, which can be embarrassing. I think he likes to do that to me. Delon has a heart of gold and has become a good friend. Perry Fink the AD at the school is always so helpful, communicating by email with me and making sure I have all I need when I am there to broadcast.  Missy Schmidt and Lisa Hansen text me Canby scores when I am unable to be at the Lancer games. I really appreciate their help.

Canby parents have bought me Canby apparel to wear when I am doing Lancer games. I appreciate being invited to graduation parties from Canby student/athletes over the years. I remember being at Riley Nordgards college signing at PK’s, and a few other college signings. It’s fun watching Canby student-athletes go on and excel in college sports. One of my best memories is covering the state boys basketball team at Williams Arena. They lost in three overtimes in one of the most exciting games I have ever broadcast, what a game that was in the Barn that day! Something I will always remember is the amount of blue and orange in the stands supporting the Lancer boys, simply amazing!

canby basketball statecanby john

I get along well with all the Canby coaches. They all do such a great job coaching and promoting their sport. I had to tease Jeff and Reed the other night that I missed seeing their Christmas picture of them wearing their bright blue, snow flaked Christmas suits that was posted on social media a few years ago. Reed said that was a one-time thing. We had a good laugh about that. Allyson is so helpful during cross country season, she loves coaching. Jordyn Stuleberg, Sensations dance coach and I go way back when she danced for the LQPV/D/B Shadows and was my co-worker at the radio station. Zach Traphagen and Nick Kockelman are passionate about the sports they coach. I’m just getting to know Sarah Hemish track coach. I remember working with Beth Jessen in cross country and track, Amy Wagner in Volleyball, Kevin Hansen and Jon Hanson in basketball over the years. I value my friendships I have with all of them.

canby basketball reed and jeffcanby allyson and beth canby sensations


What a night it was for the Lancer volleyball team in Maccray last fall when they won in five sets. Coach Wright and the girls were excited and we had a great postgame show even with selfies. Baseball with Ryan is always fun to. I don’t cover wrestling, Dick Newman does and he has nothing but praise for the wrestling program at Canby.  Great people and coaches.


This past Friday I was setting up my radio equipment getting ready to broadcast the boys basketball game with Lac qui Parle Valley. Suddenly behind me was a little boy with his bright orange Lancer shirt on, holding a bag of popcorn. He had a huge smile on his face and his mother said Ryson would like you to have some popcorn. I bent down to his level and took the popcorn and thanked him. He then gave me a high five! I just had to take a picture, he was so cute. Thanks Ryson for making my day.

canby ryson

Earlier that day, I was in Dawson speaking to the Dawson-Boyd 8th graders about my job at the radio station. Other business people were there as well, the eighth graders were asking us questions, like what do you like about your job? I answered getting to know the people from different communities. That is what I love most about my job, meeting and building relationships with great people. People like those in Canby.



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  1. Paul – You always do such a great job broadcasting and are so fun to listen to. Thank you for sharing your talent and passion for what you do with area communities!


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