State dance rocks!  So what did you think I was going to blog about? I have been in the cities covering the state dance competition since Friday morning. My mind hasn’t shut off yet from what seemed like one hundred miles per hour for two solid days, arriving at Target Center at 10am and not leaving till around 8pm on Friday and Saturday. I wouldn’t trade those two days for anything. I don’t even have a daughter in dance, but yet I feel like I do.  I am so proud of the LQPV-DB Shadow girls and coaches.

They went to state and came away with state runner-up in jazz and high kick! Best finish is school history. So exciting for them and all of us who follow the Shadows. All I can say is how much fun state dance is. Going to a state tournament is always a fun time for families, the schools and communities. I would like to share some of my experiences this past weekend at state dance.

I have been asked many times, why do I cover dance on the radio? It is not a play by play sport.  My answer is simple. The girls need to be recognized, like any other athlete at school. That is what they are athletes. Amazing athletes, all of them. They work hard at what they do. They are very passionate about their sport. Radio is a tool to use to promote the sport of dance and recognize the girls. That is why I am there. Most of my broadcasts deal with interviews and giving updates on who is dancing and the results.

My broadcast partners are a Shadows dad and Shadows mom. Ken Franzky and Dee Dee Schommer. Kens daughter Kyndall is a freshman and Dee Dee’s daughter Aaliyah a tenth grader. Ken and Dee Dee added so much to the broadcast with their insights on dance. Ken really does his homework and knows his stuff about how scoring works and is a numbers guy. He is very passionate about the sport. Dee Dee really gives us a mother’s perspective. She is very articulate and does such a good job of telling us what each girl is like. Dee Dee to is just passionate about dance.  Fun to broadcast with both of them.

I asked a few Shadow alumni to join me on the broadcasts. Madeline Aafedt who was the only senior on the team last year and has a sister dancing. And Victoria Zinda, who was a captain a few years ago. While visiting with both of them on the radio, I could see tears in their eyes as they talked about their time as a Shadow and what it meant to them. Kylie Schuelke joined me on Saturday, and she talked mostly about the hard work you put in, and how it was all worth it. Memory’s she will carry with her for life. Kylie’s college friend Kelly was also on the radio with me and danced for Fridley and she is now a dance judge.  Always fun to visit with former Shadows.

Josie Munsterman, Ashtyn Oie and Riley Jo McCoy showed up between prelims and finals to talk about their excitement about dancing in the finals. Greg McCoy shared his story about how many family members of his are participating in dance. Kristin DeJong a Montevideo Gold Duster put the headset on and helped broadcast some updates with me and tell us about her story of dancing with a prosthetic leg. Kristin did an awesome job on the radio.

Coaches Lisa Johnson, Hannah Johnson and Sara Norman are always so great at giving me their time. I know they are so busy at state and have so many things to be thinking about. But yet always have time for me to do an interview with them. All of them are great people and coaches.

My favorite moments were visiting with family members and the girls in the concourse area of Target Center after the girls placed runner-up both evenings. Seeing everyone smiling and lots of picture taking. Giving the five seniors a Neon Needles player of the game t-shirt and Subway value meal is a special moment for me. It is a moment you soak in. Celebrating a big accomplishment after setting goals earlier in the year. The atmosphere at state dance is really amazing. State dance is a fun event.


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