I’m really not looking forward to watching the Super Bowl. I had no interest in watching or listening to the week long talk about the Super Bowl. I know it is in Minnesota and I will hear more about the Super Bowl because it is in my backyard. The Super Bowl is a real big deal. It is the biggest event of any kind in the world, outside of the Olympics.

In my opinion the Super Bowl and all of the events around the Super Bowl have gotten way to big. It has become a monster! It is a week long event, not just a Sunday football game. I get sick of all the talk on tv and radio, it seems like that is what everyone wants to talk about. I am a big football fan and I don’t want to come across as a Debbie downer but I am disliking the whole Super Bowl experience.

Lets just play the game without all the hoopla. When Sunday comes around you can have your Super Bowl parties with friends and family. I will watch the Super Bowl from my favorite chair. That is how I watch the Vikings every Sunday, in my living room and in my chair. By myself.

Did you know that the first couple of Super Bowls were not sold out. Tickets prices for the first Super Bowl were $12! In 1967 fans paid $12 to watch the Packers Bart Starr lead Green Bay to a 35 to 10 win over Kansas City. Sundays average ticket price is between $3000 and $5000! That is insane! Well I just purchased a Taylor Swift concert ticket for $150! I remember paying $25 to see Elton John in 1975.

I bet in 1967 nobody cared about the commercials, now the commercials are usually talked about just as much as the football game. My favorite Super Bowl commercials are always the funny ones. Like Betty White and the Snickers commercial or Ozzie Osborn 5G phone spot with Justin Bieber. Remember the E-trade baby? How about Pepsi’s Cindy Crawford commercial, wowza! I remember those commercials very well.

I have a number of friends down in the cities this weekend. I have absolutely no desire to be downtown Minneapolis during the Super Bowl. Fighting all the crowds and traffic. My living room is the perfect place to be on Sunday.

As far as the game goes, I pick Tom Brady and the Patriots to destroy the Eagles. Won’t even be close, it will be a blowout! This is all I care about during Super Bowl week and Super Bowl Sunday is the game itself. Ok, I might watch the commercials. So when kickoff happens, you can think about me sitting in my favorite chair in the comfort of my home, watching a football game.




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