Hawaiian food





Hawaii was a trip of a lifetime for my wife Roxie and me last October. This was our first trip to Hawaii. Our daughter got married on Kauai, so that was the reason for our trip. I have blogged about our trip in detail but I have never talked about the food. As you can see by the pictures, I always snapped a picture of each meal while in Hawaii. These are just a few of them. For the most part I did enjoy the food in Hawaii. I always tried to order something on the menu that looked Hawaiian or was different then what I am used to

The pictures shown are some of my favorite foods that I consumed while in Hawaii. Let’s begin with one of my favorites: shaved ice! We had some friends tell us to make sure we visit Wailua Shave Ice on Kauai. Here is a link to their website. (www.wailuashaveice.com) What a unique place that was. Located in the town of Kapaii, located right off Kuhio Hwy. You walk up to an Airstream Camper, and all they sell is the shave ice. My wife and I shared the Lava Flow shaved ice because it was so big. I think it was only $6. We sat on some picnic tables they had behind the camper, along with the many chickens that run wild on the island. Each bite of the shave ice was heavenly.

By far my favorite food I ate in Hawaii was at Tiki’s Grill and Bar (www.tikisgrill.com) that was located in our Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel in Honolulu.  (www.astonwaikikibeach.com) This might surprise you with me being a meat and potatoes guy. My favorite was a fruit yogurt salad! Yes, I had two of them while we were there. It was a large pineapple, cut open sideways and filled with coconut yogurt, mixed fruits and covered with granola. It was amazing!

Other foods I remember were the pulled pork sandwiches, onion rings and a breakfast sandwich. Our luau buffet was fine, but nothing special. Raw fish is food I did not care for.  I tried it a couple of times, but couldn’t stomach it. We also ate at a Mexican restaurant, which was very expensive and my burrito was not good. One thing that surprised me was how much the Hawaiian people love Spam. Spam everywhere, and served in most restaurants. We stayed away from the McDonald’s and Burger Kings.

When we returned back home, the first thing I did was drink a cold glass of milk, I missed that. Plus, I put a good steak on the grill.





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