When we were in Hawaii in October, a waitress asked us if we wanted a soda? Now I am not used to hearing the word soda when I want a pop! I have thought of that exchange a number of times since then when purchasing a pop from a convenience store, or ordering a pop in a restaurant. We Minnesotans say the word pop, not soda!
It sounds really strange to say the word soda. Sounds like a wimpy word to me. The word pop, just smacks off your lips when you say it. Pop!! Pop!! I like the sound of it, so the other day in Subway, guess what I did? I went out of my comfort zone and asked the lady behind the counter for a “soda”. I was waiting for her to confront me with “You mean a pop?” She did nothing, but ask me if I wanted a fountain or can. I was kind of embarrassed that I said the word soda. It wasn’t right. I had to force the word out of my mouth.
I did some research on this and it was really fascinating. I encourage everyone to check out and take the survey. I took the survey and answered questions about where I live and what word I use, such as pop or soda or maybe Coke . Now if you live in Georgia or Arkansas most people say Coke. I don’t get that at all. Coke? That is a brand name, why would you say Coke? For example if you say Coke in Atlanta, and they ask what kind of Coke you want, you answer with, I will have a orange! That makes no sense at all! I sure am glad I live in Minnesota.
This web site also has maps to view which part of the country says what. I really liked to look at the statistics page which breaks it down by states. A total of 401,414 people have taken the survey. 157,659 say they use the word pop, 164,145 say soda. That is close, but I am in the minority which surprises me. 58,490 say Coke, and some people checked the box; other. Now my mind went into a coma state. What other possible word can there be for pop, soda or coke? Some people said just say exactly what you want, like I will have a Mountain Dew, or a Dr. Pepper. Now that makes sense to me. Another word was soft drink. I’ve heard of that before.
I am going to stick with saying pop! That is what I grew up saying and I am not going to change. If I go back to Hawaii or go to Georgia, I’m sticking to my guns; I will always ask for a pop!!!



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